The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey

Episode 48 - The Fury

November 6, 2019

John Williams had an unusual assignment for his first score of 1978: Write a score forĀ "The Fury" exactly as the late Bernard Herrmann would have composed it. Williams agreed to do so out of honor to his friend, who died about 18 months earlier, and to director Brian De Palma, who had a great relationship with Herrmann on "Obsession." Host Jeff Commings brings on co-host Maurizio Caschetto to break down the Herrmann similarities in the score, as well as the moments that allowed Williams to bring in his personal touch. The two examine the standout scene in which Amy Irving's Gillian escapes the institute supposedly trying to help her control her psychic powers, as well as the touch of horror music written for the literally explosive finale.

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